About Us 

TTH Trading PLC is established in 2008 with a pharmaceuticals and medical consumables distribution to the Addis Ababa retailers with a limited budget. Currently, TTH Trading PLC encompasses TTH Trading pharma and medical consumables importer, KT Hiwot pharma distributor, Entos Pharmaceuticals PLC, scientific equipment importer, and Adera Medical consumables importer. TTH also in medical consumables manufacturing soon.

TTH Trading Private Limited Company is an established pharmaceutical trade company whose main activity is to import and distribute pharmaceutical, medical consumables, and medical equipment products. The company purchases its pharmaceutical supplies either directly from the manufacturer or from the manufacturers’ officially appointed distributor.

Commitment to customer service and a quality product is our core value. Keeping the same in mind, we operate within the EFMHACA standards.

We have a very professional team who are competitive in the current pharma market.

TTH Trading storage area is equipped with high-quality facilities and a backup generator. The temperature is controlled and monitored by calibrated digital thermometers and is reviewed daily by our office manager.

 Our Mission

To supply quality and affordable products to our society

Our Sources

We source all our products directly from international accredited pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our Customers

Wholesalers and distributors

Private and Government Hospitals

Clinical organizations

Government institutions

Nongovernmental organizations

Chain pharmacies